The End of the 2010's.

For Christmas this year I got the Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set, some books, deodorant, a 25 dollar Domino’s gift card and some money which I used to buy a shitton of video games off Steam like Half-Life Complete, System Shock 2, The Stanley Parable, and Owlboy.

Overall, I’d say it was a good Christmas, but what I’m thinking about right now is what happens next. The 2020’s are coming. Oh god it’s coming. The 2010’s were horrible but this is gonna be even worse. Why did I have to be a zoomer? Why couldn’t I be a gen X'er?

Imagine being a teenager living in L.A in the 80’s, going to fun parties with your friends, doing some lines of that good coke you scored earlier that day from your dealer and going to see X at The Roxy Theatre singing “Los Angeles” and “Johny Hit and Run Paulene” live right in front of you and watching Trevor Horn on MTV singing about meeting in an abandoned studio and then you go to the movies to see Johnny Depp getting magically sucked into his bed or Duckie dancing to Otis Redding on the big screen.

Doesn’t that sound way better than the world we have right now?

I’m sorry but I’m just feeling totally out of it right now.

I’d just like my life to end before the 2020’s happen. Before I die in yet another mass shooting. Before planet Earth warms up to the point it becomes hotter than death valley. Before the rents in California soar up high while I end up sinking down into homelessness. And before World War III kills us all.

It just feels so unfair to have to deal with all of that. And worst of all…

I hear emo’s coming back into style..