About me.

Hi my name is (REDACTED) and I'm gonna use this blog in order to just write whatever shit goes down in my mind at the moment. I had a passion for writing since I was 7 and I wanna become a novelist and indie comic writer and maybe even if I'm lucky, write some video games and some movies. My shrink tells me that writing will keep the cutting away which is definitely an improvement I can latch onto!

And now here's some Questions & Answers:

Q: Where does "Two milkmen go comedy!" come from?

A: It comes from the visual novel "Virtue's Last Reward". The quote itself is an anagram meaning "Welcome to my kingdom."

Q: Did any of shit actually happen? Is this meant to be a satirical blog or something?

A: Yes, the stories you read on here are indeed real events that happened to me with the names of the people involved changed and it's in no way satire/parody with the exception of the occasional joke post. Though I'll sometimes exaggerate my emotions on a topic for the sake of humor or use liteary devices seen in novels to tell the story.

Q: Why do your redact your name on this site but use fake names for everyone else?

A: My main motive for doing that is too complex and 2deep4u to understand.

Q: Do I have to read the blog posts in order to understand everything?

A: No but there are some small references to prior entries that makes more of an continuity than if you'd read them in a random order and there is a recurring cast of characters.

Q: Who are your writing influences?

A: Murakami Haruki, Bret Easton Ellis, Hunter S. Thompson, and the YouTuber SynthCool. I'm also kinda embarassed to admit that this blog takes influence from a certain other writer who was retarded enough to sue someone for correctly calling him a cuck. You probably know who he is.

What's your favorite part of this blog?

I'd say it's what I now retrospectively call "The Black Bile Arc" which starts with the episode 1 chapter "Saudade" and ends with "The Funeral". It's arguably the most well constructed part of the story as it has a persistent melancholic feeling to it starting in "Saudade" which compliments the events that happen in the arc and it only ends in the last 2 paragraphs of "The Funeral". I can see it being a complete story on it's own.

What's your least favorite part of this blog?

The storyline which starts with me seemingly about to go Washington, only for me to not go there at all despite Washington being in the title.