About me.

Hi my name is (REDACTED) and I'm gonna use this blog in order to just write whatever shit goes down in my mind at the moment. I had a passion for writing since I was 7 and I wanna become a novelist and indie comic writer and maybe even if I'm lucky, write some video games and some movies. My shrink tells me that writing will keep the cutting away which is definitely an improvement I can latch onto!

And now here's some Questions & Answers:

Q: Why don't use your real name on this site?

A: My main motive for doing that is too complex and 2deep4u to understand. Also privacy.

Q: Where does "Two milkmen go comedy!" come from?

A: It comes from the visual novel "Virtue's Last Reward". The quote itself is an anagram meaning "Welcome to my kingdom."

Q: Did any of shit actually happen? Is this meant to be a satirical blog or something?

A: Yes, the stories you read on here are indeed real events that happened to me and it's in no way satire/parody. Though I'll sometimes exaggerate my emotions on a topic for the sake of humor.

I'll add more questions and answers later.