Fucking up at adulthood.

At around June 18th, 2021 I noticed that I only lost 5 pounds since the last time I checked my weight last December. I told myself then that I would lose enough pounds by the time it was my 18th birthday that would have me confident enough in my body, but I guess that didn’t really work out.

Dad believes I’m not responsible enough to drive so I don’t have a license even 2 years after I turned 16. I’m apparently also not responsible enough to get a job either. Maybe he’s right. It’s just that I don’t have the motivation or knowledge to do anything....

Even writing this sentence feels like dragging yourself out of bed when you’re sick.

I only have until the end of summer to mope around before being sent back to that fucking hellish nightmare of a school again with all those cunts I hate.

Me: https://youtu.be/klk6syaZA7k
Me: Heheh
Me: This guitar riff sounds familiar
The Boy Named Crow: How are you
Me: I feel like I’m going crazy
Me: I feel so discontent
Crow: I feel totally restless and tense all morning but idk why
Me: Partially because I can’t do anything about my situation
Crow: Ah I think it’s because I overdid it with the coffee
Crow: I had a cup Pacino with a friend and then a regular cup of coffee after that and then I went to work lol
Me: I literally tell you I feel like I’m losing my mind and you’re talking about coffee
Crow: I though we were talking about how we feel
Me: I thought you were taking what I said as a joke or something
Crow: No you were just typing fast and I was breaking up my statements into separate texts
Me: Fuck
Me: Sorry
Me: Nothing makes any sense..
Crow: I hope you get better
Me: Did you at least enjoy the song
Crow: Yea