Nothing but angst.

I got moved back to Nick II’s class. The class I was in previously was discontinued some reason I couldn’t care enough to remember. Every 2-4 weeks or so there’s a change to the status quo. My teacher got demoted to a teaching assistant for the class where the retarded kids are. The roster for Nick II’s class had me see some familiar faces from the first time I was in his class, and the people from my previous class who had been transferred there alongside me. The bitch who I slapped was gone.

Not even 3 weeks after we got situated, two boys got into a massive fistfight and one of them got transferred, again, to the class where the retarded kids are. Not even 3 weeks after that happened, he got expelled for slapping one of the retards. And guess what? After spring break, we'll be moving to a brand new campus inside some church or synagogue or some shit.

Whenever a change to the status quo effects me, I always feel devastated. Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, that things couldn’t feel more oppressive, the floor is swept up from under me. I often have to take a day off in order to feel I am ready to confront these new circumstances. It will all be over in June, 3 months from now, but just experiencing a single bad day makes me feel this will last forever.

Worse yet, I have no idea where I’ll be in life after it all ends.