Debunking anti-psychiatry bullshit.


Your typical antipsychiatrist in their natural habitat.

Ok so like, the guys you see shitting on the medical field of psychiatry are full of shit. It's totally baffling to see how far some will go to try to debunk this completely valid field of medicine. So like, I've made this post to like, debunk some of the lame arguments they've shat out or whatever.

"Mental illness isn't real because there is no objective, physical evidence of it existing and is therefore, just a social contruct."

Bitch please, are you telling me that the stomach of your average anorexic, which by your logic, just so happens to resemble that of an holocaust survivor's ISN'T proof that mental illness is real? Am I even on the same planet? Anorexia is also hardly the only mental illness defined by physical (AKA objective) symptoms. Look at substance use disorders, insomnia, or any other eating disorder.

"The 'medical professionals' are making up nonexistent mental ilnesses such as ADHD and Gaming Disorder in order to have more patients in order to give the pharmaceutical companies more money."

Ignoring the fact the fact that this sounds like something that Alex Jones would come up with, the problem with this argument is the assumption that you, despite not being a medical professional, know enough about these conditions for you to try denounce it's existence, which you likely don't. What I mean by this is that most people who say ADHD is not real think that ADHD is simply not being able to pay attention in class and then claiming ADHD is just undisciplined children. ADHD is much more than just not being able to pay attention in class in the same way that depression is more than sadness, or that gaming disorder is more than just simply playing video games.

"Psychiatry is a pseudoscience."

Hey Tom Cruise, looks like you forgot to take your antipsychotics today. You should probably do them now.

This is probably the easiest argument to debunk. Psychiatry is a branch of medicine. Medicine is a branch of applied science. So this means that psychiatry is a real type of science whether you like it or not.

Ok so like, so I think I've like, covered all of the big arguments against psychiatry for now. I'll probs add some later if I can think of any. So in conclusion, if you believed in any of the dumb antipsychiatry "arguments" mentioned above before reading this page; I recommend you see a qualified mental health physician for treatment for your intellectual disability.