My first doctor's checkup in over a decade.

Today I had my first checkup in over an decade. It was shit.

I know what you're thinking; "How is it you've never had an doctor's appointment in over an decade?". I dunno just laziness my parents side I guess. Like, whatever.

So anyways I was like, shitting around in my room doing nothing when all of a sudden my dad called me on the phone and told me about my appointment and that he's gonna be home within a few minutes to take me. My mom wanted me to take a shower but I told her to fuck off and then she bitched about my hair.

When me and my dad got there I stood on a scale so they could check my weight. I'm a fatass apparently. I weigh 237 lbs. Then this Indian (Dot, not feather.) doctor bitched to me about my weight and said I should cut down on the sugar or whatever. Him and my dad were just circlejerking about exercising and eating healthy and I didn't say anything until they mentioned swimming as a form of exercise to which I interrupted out of frustration since I could no longer handle the corniness and obnoxiousness of the conversation and suddenly said "Swimming is stupid."

Anyways there was this like fucking baby in another crying it's fucking eyes off. That piece of shit was so fucking annoying. It made answering questions to the doctors really difficult and shit. The Indian guy in general was just kinda a nag, just constantly giving me his 2 cents about how I should live my life, like when he suggested me being celibate to avoid STD's and shit even though I only had sex without a condom once out of the 2 times I've had sex (Over a year ago, mind you.). Then the Indian guy left and this chick with some needles came in to give some vaccines. When I first got poked with the needle I hardly felt it. My arm did feel bit of an rough aftertaste for a few minutes though soon after. Then after that we left.

So overall it was an lousy experience.