Maaaaan art is cool. It's so pretty and shit. I wished I could do it as a kid but I sucked at it so I gave up. No matter what I did I just could never do it right. There was always something I was missing.

Art is all about the details and little nuances within such as shading, composition, perspective and all that jazz. To be frank, I'm too fucking stupid really get those ideas. I'm a guy without insight. I can't really handle nuanced ideas. I literally can't "see" subtle details and I always need someone else to point them out to me.

If I did draw I'd draw alot of things depending on whatever mood I'm feeling at the moment. I might really be in the mood to draw something romantic and cute. One other day I might be in the mood in drawing gorey and "edgy" artwork that enduces fear on the average person. Some days I might want to draw something abstract with intrigue. Among my favorite artists are VOFAN, Itou Junji, and Araki Hirohiko.

Nowadays when I see a great piece of artwork, I can't help but be jealous and hate myself. I just wish I was that talented and stuff.

So yeah, that's why I don't draw and stuff.