Back 2 School, Part 1.

How it felt watching "Snowden".

It was the 19th of August. My sleep schedule was fucked up so I felt like falling asleep even though it was 6-AM. I wasn’t told when the cab was going to pick me up for school so I tried to stay awake until I heard a cab honk it’s horn or something. When I did, I walked over there and entered the van. There was 4 rows. The car eventually drove to the house of some guy named Bryce. The other guys in the car were talking about what a cunt he apparently is. By the time we finally got to school, there was 8 people in the car not including the driver.

When the car drove into the school parking lot, Bryce and this other guy named Daniel started to argue about some shit I don’t care about and they began threatening eachother which made me giggle uncontrollably. They then moved out of the car and got onto the parking lot. It looked like they were gonna fight, but then Bryce started to run away from the parking lot, presumably to run try to run off campus. The other guys talked some more shit until the other cars that pick up students drove in and it was finally time to go on campus.

When I entered the through the black railing used as a gate, one of the staff had a plastic container where he had to put in our phones before heading off to class. I wasn’t here on the first day, so I had no idea where the fuck to go. Eventually I found out that the guy who looked like my old counselor back at my previous school who I had called “Nick II” was my teacher.

In short, he was a cunt. First off, he was born in 1958, which is pretty big red flag if you ask me. During the first English class, he has us fucking read this Ray Bradbury (whom I already despise) short story about the how TV turns the masses into mindless drones or whatever. He uses this as an excuse to rant about how cell phones are bad and how we’re all brainwashed for using them.

Another thing that was fucking annoying was this bitch who I was constantly forgetting the name of named Sasha who had a fucking obnoxious voice, made even worse by the fact that she wouldn’t shut the fuck up. Apparently this year you don’t move around between different classes anymore. So I had to stay with these people all 5 hours of school.

After a while it was P.E class which was the only time where we were allowed to go outside, not counting walking to the bathroom. Because the campus was small as shit we had to be in this small space. My classmates were playing volleyball which I decided not to do in favor of moping around and waiting for class to be over.

However shit started to become annoying as my pseudointellectual boomer teacher started spouting off some drivel about how “Capitalism is outdated.” and how “Some forms of communism can work.” to one of my classmates. Overhearing this made me so pissed off that when the volleyball my classmates were playing with landed right to me, I threw it back aggressively with the intent to hurt the person who got it there in the first place.

The person I threw it at didn’t seem to care much, but Sasha started bitching at me which I just ignored.

When we went back into for the next class the teacher suddenly had an idea to make us watch this movie about this guy named Edward Snowden who I had never heard of before. I hated it. It was boring and Edward Snowden is a cunt. Like, I have no problems with whistleblowing or whatever, but I refuse to call someone who thinks Objectivism is cool, and who supported the Iraq War a hero.

Periods would pass, and we were still watching this long and shitty movie. I had no phone on me or anyway to entertain myself. Time felt so slow. I couldn’t bare it. I wanted to scream in horror. In my head I compared this entire experience to scenes to a game I played earlier this year. Like this one bit where this guy is trapped in a dark hole while dirt and gravel are gradually poured being poured onto until he dies from suffocation. Or this other part where this chick is stabbed to death with a pair of scissors while being roped down to the floor and blindfolded.

Luckily, I found myself being told me to leave the classroom. This was because dad apparently came to send me home early for some reason I forgot. I told him how bad shit was. He told me to relax because tomorrow was Friday. It would just be one more day before the weekend.

Just one more day.