What’s the deal with bugs? My fucking apartment has them all of the place. I often walk into the bathroom and find at least 6 cockroaches in there. I remember there was a small tribe of cockroaches high on the wall of the shower so I turned on the showerhead and aimed it high up at them and watched them all fall into the drain.

I’ve started to devise new ways to kill bugs. I’m an opportunist, so if I can see a new method of killing bugs, then I do it because I’m bored. I once found a cockroach inside the watercooler in the kitchen. I decided to grab a cup and started pouring the water. The watercooler became producing ripples and bursting bubbles in the center as I poured the water into the cup. The cockroach who was just standing inside against the wall, fell down into the water and was stuck in the waves. If the waves stopped, he would probably just swim back onto the wall so I tried keeping the water going as much as possible without having my cup be full so I could see the cockroach drown. I don’t remember if it did or not.

I remember that these 2 instances where my dad made coffee and I would drink some and then leave it alone to take a nap. When I came back to the cup I found dead flies on top of it. I often try to get the various sprays all throughout the house and see what happens if I try to spray the cockroaches in the bathroom. They haven’t died from it yet, but that just means that I just have to experiment with more sprays.

One time I got out a torch and burned the corpse of a cockroach I already smashed. I want to burn one alive.