Pointless Adventures in Chinatown.

So yesterday my dad told me about an underground punk art museum in Chinatown and asked me if I wanted to go with him to see it and then go to a Chinese resturant afterwards.

I told him yea despite not giving a fuck and so today when we drove there we couldn't find the place and we just kinda spent a while driving around the same streets over and over again and eventually I said "Fuck it lets just go to the resturant." and then we drove there.

When we got there I ordered beef noodle soup or some shit and some other stuff and then the waiter gave us a big bowl with the soup and 2 smaller bowls to serve ourselves with and I ended up spending more time trying to put the tangled noodles in my small bowl than actually eating because the noodles were stuck to the big bowl and there wasn't a fork to cut off the tangles and I ended up leaving the Coca-cola I ordered unattended for like 5-10 minutes.

When we got outta there we decided to go for a walk and we passed by the resturant where a scene in the movie Rush Hour was filmed, not that I would have known that if not for the sign that bragged about it and we went inside a gas station convience store because I had some change and wanted some Cheetos and when I got out dad was still inside getting some coffee so I got out my phone and took a picture of the Limon Cheetos in my hand and then sent it to The Boy Named Crow on Discord telling him "I can't believe you think these are shit" because once he actually had the audacity to say that Limon Cheetos are shit.

When dad left the convience store we walked back to the car and then we drove back to the valley to go home and I ate my Cheetos in the car and listened to music like how I was the whole car ride and when we got home in the middle of the night I started writing this blog post and then Crow suddenly sent me a reply on Discord saying "Yeah they are" and told him to hold on for a moment because I'm writing this blog post which I have finished right now.