Crazy Week, Part 1.

So one day on a wednesday I was on the bus about to get home when all of a sudden I saw a shitton of police cars parked right at the apartment complex where I live. The school bus stopped where it usually does but the bus driver did not let me get out.

I then saw my mother’s friend, Vlad, who was only his underwear, walking outside while he was handcuffed by the police.

“That’s my mom’s friend!” I said.

Then one of the other students on the bus, an elementary student, started laughing. The bus driver was more empathetic however and told him to shut up. Eventually I got out of the bus and then a policeman came up to me and asked what I was doing here. I explained that I lived here. He told me to sit down somewhere nearby. I did and eventually I saw mom handcuffed and walking to a police car. She saw me.

“What the hell did you do!?”

She gave a smile while saying something that I couldn’t hear because of all the noises nearby.

I repeated what I said but to no avail and then mom went into the police car.

While sitting down I gave calls to Annie, my grandparents, and my dad and told them what was going on.

Eventually my dad left work to come home and eventually we were allowed inside and checked the house to see what happened since the police where inside. Things were moved but overall the house seemed fine.

I then went around the house to find all the sodas and the bags of beef jerky that mom keeps around the house all for herself and then I ate them.