Crazy Week, Part 2

Later that day, dad told me that he was gonna buy me dinner that night. I asked him when and he said we would go soon.

“Soon” took hours and hours and whenever I kept checking up on him in his room all he was doing was just pacing around the house with no real purpose. Eventually at 1AM he was finally ready to leave so when drove to a 7-11 and bought some snacks but for some reason when we got to the street where our home is he just kept driving and didn’t stop the car.

We just kept driving and driving and there didn’t seem to be any point in it. Dad said nothing. Neither did I. I thought that maybe we were just do some errand or something but we kept driving aimlessly all across the San Fernando valley.

We would sometimes stop because I had to go take a piss or to buy more snacks at 7-11 but eventually at some point we finally returned to Van Nuys but I noticed that dad wasn’t driving to our house again even though he was near the street where we lived. So in an act of desperation I tried opening the car door to try to run back home but dad hit the gas so I closed the door, giving up.

I was starting to feel tired but I kept trying to stay awake so I basically kept fading in and out of consciousness, with me waking up in a different and unrecognizable location every time. When it stopped happening dawn was beginning and I saw a sign which said that we were in Glendale.

I asked dad to drive me home which he finally wanted to do all of a sudden and so we did. I also I asked if I could ditch school due to barely getting any sleep. He said that was ok.

I checked my phone when I entered my bedroom. It was 7AM.I finally went to bed and when I woke up I—