Crazy Week, Part 3

I finally went to bed and when I woke up I saw my dad sitting on the edge of my bed. His forehead wrinkles were all scrunched up and he kept saying shit like, “Please officer, don’t shoot. My son is here.” over and over again. I asked him if there was someone was in the house. He said yes.

I walked around the house and saw no one there. Dad kept acting the same for a really long time and then I texted Annie.

Me: Somethings wrong with dad
Annie: ??? What happened
Me: Crazy shit happened last night
Annie: I’m holding a sleeping baby
Me: Oh
Me: Sorry
Me: Um anyways
Annie: ????

Then I told her what happened the night before and she was sympathetic towards dad, saying stuff like “Maybe he just need to clear his head.” and “He is just stressed and sad.” But she was shocked when I told her that this lasted until dawn.

Annie: are you serious??
Annie: Did you go to school
Me: No
Me: Because I was so tired
Me: I fell asleep we when came home
Me: And now…
Me: … I wake up to this
Me: He with me right now
Annie: What??
Annie: He didn’t go to work

I then told her that he didn’t and gave a summary of his current behaviors and asked for help.

Annie: Hold on okay baby
Annie: I called grandma
Annie: Is he in his room?
Me: He’s in his work close
Annie: Has he slept?
Me: IDK if he slept
Annie: I don’t think you should be worried
Me: He actually thinks the cops are physically in the house atm

Annie: What do you mean????

I went into more detail.

Annie I’m gonna call grandpa
Annie: Are you scared?
Me: A little
Annie: Is he talking to himself still?

I told her yes and she said that she called grandpa and told me to stay in my room to be safe. Eventually he came and I ended packing a bag of my stuff to go stay at my grandparents for a while.

When I was with them I slept on the couch in the living room which was cool because they had a TV there with Netflix and so I watched Carrie, Scream, We Have Always Lived in the Castle, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Superbad, and the first 5 minutes of You Don't Mess with the Zohan before realizing it was shit (I didn’t know it was an Adam Sandler movie until literally right now as I’m writing this, cut me some slack.)

So I skipped school for that day and Friday but next week we made a plan where grandpa would drive me to the bus stop (the outside of the apartment building) and wait till the bus came. And then Grandpa would do the same alone when it was time for me to leave school and then we drove back to his place.

Later I found out that dad was put in an asylum but grandma and grandpa quickly got him out. He stayed for a night at the house with me and my grandparents and was semi sane, sometimes he would be normal and sometimes he would go back to being paranoid. He slept on the floor in the living and he kept spouting his psychotic bullshit when I was trying to sleep.

Anyways he was sent back to our house and eventually he recovered and was fine. I then packed up my stuff, and went with grandma and grandpa back home and then everything was normal.