The time where I accidently cut my finger open.

Ok so like, one time at night I was making some late night food at like, 12 something AM. I ended up accidently cutting open my finger with a knife I was chopping up some meat with and it was bleeding like a fountain. There was no bandaids in the house so I tried to cover the wound with napkins but it didn't work because because there was a shitton of blood rapidly pouring out of me every second.

I then saw 2 little red spots on the kitchen floor. I then felt an huge rush of adrenaline and I thought it looked so artsy and cool n' shit.

I once had one thing on my mind. Only one desire.

I had to paint the town red. How would I do this? By swearing the blood of my bleeding finger all over various walls in the house sometimes writing down words n' shit.

When I went to bed that night and woke up and my dad bitched at me about it. Still worth it.

Here are the pics.