Director's Commentary!

Ok, so like, here's some director's commentary talking about the various chapters or some shit. This isn't a movie but I'm calling it that anyways, fuck it.

Chapter Comments
Podcasts and Let's Plays that are actually worth a fuck. The very first chapter. And in being the very first, it's also the beginning of some early installment weirdness, mainly in that the background is not just black like every other place on the website. I remember dropping this because it was too tedious for me to program and I would probably have a difficult time trying to come up with backgrounds for any future pages.
The best songs to cut yourself to. Another early thing that’s not mentioned again is my cutting habit. I make an active effort to not do that anymore. I also consider this chapter an old shame due to it consisting of only 1 paragraph and just being an excuse to post music I like. It misses the point of why I started this website to begin with, to write.
Fuck Europe. Upon rereading this chapter, I’m impressed at how much it aged well in comparison to my other earlier stuff. This is because in episode 2 when I go on that trip to Arizona, I mention starting to like Norway which can be seen as an evolution of my prior belief that England and Sealand were the only good European countries.
Pointless Adventures in Chinatown. I've grown to hate the ending of this chapter due to it having the one of the few 4th wall breaks in the story that involves me mentioning that the story is being told on a website. The reason this is the a problem is that later I decided that I should only break the 4th wall in a more "general" way. I'm allowed to call the story a story, but I'm not allowed to mention that this is on a blog or call the chapters "posts". I've decided that stuff like that should only be on bonus pages like this. The joke that the blog mention was in service of was not even that funny enough to justify it anyways.
The Dead Baby That Was Actually a Dog. The weird black and white rope thing in the picture at the beginnning of the page was actually my old earphones.
The Last Week of School, Part 2 More early shit! This is the only chapter (As of January 21th, 2021) where I mention being into candy cigarettes. I remember wanting to make that into my marketable A E S T H E T I C personality trait but I just forgot to ever have it come up again in some way. Also that last sentence is fucking garbage as the "reference" is too heavy handed.
A review of Nick Bate's discography. The only true work of satire in the whole story despite how weird some moments in other chapters can be at times. I consider this chapter to be somewhat experimental in retrospect.
My first doctor's checkup in over a decade. One thing I found clever about this chapter is how it retroactively forshadows the chapter with Russell. Keep in mind I debated whether or not I should ever mention him in these writings.