Drive Away (and Disappear Here)

Although he's an obnoxious cunt, I'm starting to go on car rides with my dad a bunch of times recently. I just kinda love riding in the car with someone on the driving wheel so I can just stare out the window. I love just going down the SoCal freeways at night just basking in the scenery, especially that of Downtown L.A. where I just gaze upon the city lights in delight.

Sometimes I just fantasize about having a magical car that can go driving forever and ever without ever needing gas which can also fly. I just wanna go off on a drive in this magic car and just leave and forget the painfully boring life I've been living, forget my parents whom I feel distant and unfamiliar towards, forget my gross ACNE ridden face and messy crackhead hair, and most importantly, forget myself. Forget the empty and broken blank state of a person that is me. I can just forget all of that and just...

Just drive around in my car and travel across the world in my flying car and go on adventures and meet who become my friends and companions as we keep going on these "adventures" having a fun time along the way. Picture me and my party of companions accompanying me on some quest getting stoned somewhere taking hits of a vape pen laced with weed as the car is driving as we go to our destination. I'm in the car, wearing some cool shades like the round sunglasses John Lennon wore or some 3D glasses like the ones you'd see in a movie theater. I'm laughing my ass off(partly due to the weed) at the funny banter going on in the car as me and my friends crack some funny jokes and talk about movies and music and stuff while I smoke a fake candy cigarette.

I just gotta put the pedal to the metal and just...