So I’ve been having a lot of weird dreams lately.

I remember this one on New Year’s Eve or the day before where I ended up in some sort of halfway house type of place for teens who got arrested. I remember getting into an argument with some chick who was my housemate when all of a sudden during the middle of the argument my mom showed up to stop the fight and told me it’s time to go home. I hugged her crying tears of joy telling her how much I missed her and then I wake up, back to reality where she’s long gone.

But there’s this other one I had last night that really takes the cake for bizareness. It was this one where I was at school—definitely not one I attended in the real world—and I think I recall the school being on lock down because this big group of teenagers presumably not from the school were gonna invade it and some of them were carrying guns and were gonna shoot up the place.

They managed to break in despite the lock down and while I don’t really remember much about the shooting itself, I remember being scared. I kept thinking about whether or not there was an afterlife and what would happen to me if I died and other ruminations on death in general with an underlying tone of fear—it definitely wasn’t a lucid dream.

I think at one point we were all held captive and they made us wear these colored badges or emblems or something that were different colors like how they made homosexuals in the holocaust wear pink triangles.

And then I remember escaping all that somehow and ending up outside in front of the school with a group of other escapees while we were in the middle of the street in a dreary looking and empty suburb and then the entire sky was being magically covered with giant multicolored legos and this was apparently done by the shooters somehow because that’s the conclusion I and the others came to for some reason. Anyways, we started going around the block to investigate the neighborhood without leaving the vicinity of the school zone to check out what had happened to the world because the shooters said that they’ve taken over everything.

But in the middle of our searching we somehow knew the shooters were coming outside to take us out and I remember seeing one of them with the guy I was investigating part of the block with and we both started running and then everyone went onto a school bus and we escaped safely.

After we drove away from the school I got out my phone and I began dialing Annie to tell her what happened but then the dream randomly stopped when the phone was ringing.