The second day of the expo.

Another picture I took.

Today I was fully recovered from the huge amount of leg pain coming from me walking around yesterday, but I stil couldn't get up and just went back to sleep. When I woke up Wendy made an agreement with dad to go the expo by herself since she knew how to use the metro without any help unlike me. I still had trouble getting up and felt like shit and all I could hear was my mom and dad arguing (as usual) about some stuff.

Today I had decided to compensate for not dying my hair and not owning any anime related shirts by wearing round John Lennon glasses. My standards are so low that tangetially referencing a anime youtuber is good enough I guess.

The actual convention was fine enough I guess. Not much to comment on. The first thing I did when I got inside was enter the manga libary and read some Azumanga Daioh like an hour. Then all of a sudden my dad called me and told me that Wendy was with him and since she was at the expo longer than I was she wanted to go home so I told dad that I'd be there soon. I rushed out of the libary in an really half assed way. And then I realized that I left my glasses in the libary but if I wanted to reenter I would have to wait in the line. When I saw how long the line was figured it wasn't worth so I very quickly rushed down to the entrance and got some photos of some cosplayers and then I got out of there.

Rip in pepperoni John Lennon glasses.