The last day of the expo.

Yet another anticlimax...

When I woke up I got dressed during the afternoon and then me and dad went to the grocery store get buy some snacks and then we went to the train. Wendy had already gone to the con so it was just me and dad. When we got on the subway Wendy gave me text telling me that the con already ended even though it was just 3 PM because it was the last day.

When we got the entrance of the convention center outside near the giant inflatable animals to meet her she wasn't there so we waited there for a couple of minutes and I took a picture of a cosplayer which was the only picture I took that day.

When Wendy finally found us she had a cup of coffee which she bought at a coffee shop for dad. Then, I felt the need to ask her an important question.

"Did you put cream and sugar in that coffee?"


"What are you, Nanako?"