First day of junior year.

I think I woke up at like 6:24 or 6:25. Anyways, I took a shower and then put my clothes on then went onto the bus. When I got on the bus I was searched by the guard who checked my bookbag and pockets for phones since you can't take them to school. I didn't have my phone on me.

When I got to school I stood by the area in the parking lot where all students are supposed to be at before they head to their classes. I then saw Mark who greeted me and we did the handshake that people in Tobinworld do where you put your hand out and then the other guy slaps your palm and then you both fistbump. It's weird, it's just something that just kinda popped into existence one day and then everyone just started to do it, we don't even have a name for it as far as I know.

Then Nathan, that creepy kid no one likes from a different classroom walked up to up Simon, a classmate of mine and said that the PS4 sucks and he sold his. Simon wanted him to fuck off like just like anyone else who ever talks to Nathan and he told him that "Noone cares." and "Oh cool, goodbye."

Then Simon started to this other classmate of mine who I forgot and told him that Louie, a senior who was classmates with us last year is now working at McDonald's. And by pure chance when we got into the classroom and I chose my seat, I found Louie's old school journal we used for our daily assignments at the beginning of the day where we have to write a journal entry, usually with some sort of writing prompt on the whiteboard. Ok so like, it seems that Louie didn't bring it home at the end of the year like everyone else did. I read some it of it. Apparently his favorite movie is the Fast and the Furious 8 and he wanted to go to college and become a actor. Has flipping burgers acting become the go-to way to pay off student loans?

At lunch I was sitting with Mark and Anthony when all of a sudden Nick came to sit and began a conversation with me and Mark. I asked him how Berlin was and he told me that he is going to Berlin next week. I asked him what he was up to this summer. He went did some traveling to Vermont and did some housework and got injured and recovered from his injuries.

Me and Mark asked him when he could meet him for counseling sessions. He said that he's been having trouble keeping up with the amount of students leaving and entering the school this year to the point that he doesn't even know who is even supposed to be here really since all of the massive changes. He said that he needs to adjust to stuff so he can do a session with me and that it probably happen later this week. When he left I told him "It was nice catching up with you."

Near the end of the day our new teacher had finally entered the class and introduced herself. Earlier today the janitor was substituting since our previous teacher had quit. We all had to introduce ourselves, I was the one who had to first.

"Hey my name is (REDACTED) and I'm in the eleventh grade."

"What's your name?" I'd thought I'd ask her since she never mentioned it up to that point. Everyone laughed when I said that for some reason and after the other introductions were done she eventually told us her name. She was an asian lady so no one understood her name. I asked if she was Chinese, Korean or Philipino and she said no all of those questions. I theorized that she was Japanese since she didn't mention what kind of asian she was. If she is indeed Japanese then I probably could spell her name in English letters since I'm learning Japanese. Anyways the class just agreed to call her "Miss H" and left it at that.

She tried to write down the classroom rules on the whiteboard and go through them with us but she was constantly interrupted by everyone's verbal shitposting and ad hominems thrown at one another. Some of it was pretty funny though, like when Simon got mad at this new kid who claims to smoke a pack of cigarettes everyday and said "I hope you die from all those cigarettes you smoke!" my gut got busted by some of those lines. After going through the rules we all left the classroom soon after and went onto the buses to go home.