Some bros, talking about some stuff.

Ok for this post I want to you to imagine me in the image of a old homeless disheveled drunk on the streets currently drinking a bottle of beer at the moment telling you bout the good ol days. Cuz that's what this is.

Ok so like in 7th grade I remember I had friends. Really good ones too. Now this was pretty unusual for someone like me, who is one of those guys who has been under "special" education programs his whole life basically. And yet, there I was with a clique of 4 friends who I genuinely enjoyed chilling with at school. My 4 friends were Richard, the ginger with a soul. Mitchell, the gaming geek. Elizabeth, the token nerdy girl. And last but not least; Larry, the guy would end up end becoming the bane of my existence without either of us knowing it at first.

The 5 of us would hang out during lunch and just shoot the shit and it was fun. But that fun would not last forever, as our angsty (pre)teen feelings would end up starting some drama and shit. To keep the story short, I had a falling out with Larry and it led to me feeling negative emotions because of his mere existence. We wouldn't ever talk to eachother anymore after the falling out and it got to the point where I couldn't even look at him or be in the classroom anymore just cuz he was in there. My teacher arranged for me to do be in another room all alone to do my schoolwork and that's how it was for the rest of the year. I was just alone. Just in that tiny room. There was once this band, Ninja Sex Party, which Larry once showed me a couple songs which I thought were kinda cool. But to this day I can't listen to because it just reminds me of Larry and what happened to me which makes me feel uncomfortable.

But luckily, Larry was an 8th grader which meant he was now in the high school classes (our school was a 1th to 12th grade type of deal) which just left me and Richard since Mitchell and Elizabeth had now transferred schools. 8th grade was fine and Richard was still a great friend. But he was a year younger than me and was going to a new school after that year which meant that I was alone for my first year of high school. But one day I was out of class, just feeling kinda lonely. I was thinking about Richard and how much I missed his friendship and then as soon as I thought of him I actually saw him in school! It turned out that he was gonna stay at our school after all and I felt so sentimental and shit after getting to see him again. We talked now and then but it wasn't often due to the aforementioned grade gap.

Eventually I was put in an asylum for 2 and a half days and expelled and then I never saw Richard again.

I don't have any friends at my current school and it sucks dicks. I hate it. Why can't I just go back to good ol days!? I just wish I could have a new clique of friends to be close with, y'know? We'd just chill and smoke some pot and play video games online together and riff on so-bad-it's-good movies together. Is that really too much to ask? It's just so unfair....

I'm gonna end this post with a Rugrats clip.