Friends & Roommates.

So it looks like Clark is roommate now. Dad decided to let him live with us because he thinks it would be better for me to have someone to socialize with at home. We're almost like brothers now. We frequently spend time talking about games and watching random shit on hulu. I remember this one time where we once watched this dumb 90's Sci-fi movie where Charlie Sheen fights aliens.

Clark often likes to steal alcohol from a grocery store or 7-11 and sometimes we drink together. I learned that beer usually tastes a lot better when you drink it with a straw. Sometimes we get dad to drive us to this weed store named "Roots" that's in Sun Valley. I tend to save the weed for when I know I'm not gonna be in a situation where I have to think too much or whenever I feel ok with coughing a lot. Other times I'm just not in the mood to have my lungs feel like they're on fire.

I've been curious about experimenting with other substances except for opioids. Meth and xanax being were what interested me the most at the time. I would sometimes see Clark snort meth he had hidden and then one day, he decided to share some with me. We were both sitting in my bedroom and he had the stuff laid down on a magazine or something and I intially had a problem getting it inside my nose due to it being the first time I'd ever snorted anything. When it went in, the stuff had zero effect on me other than making my nose feel like it was on fire. I then decided to go on Instagram and talk to my old friend from middle school Richard about it.

Me: Oh I just took meth
Richard: Wat?
Me: I snorted meth.
Richard: Why
Me: I wanna experiment with different substances
Me: Except heroin
Me: And cigarettes
Richard: I recoomend not doing any extreme drugs
Me: Meth is not as extreme if you don't inject yourself
Me: My friend made me snort because of that
Richard: Still you can overdose really eaily
Richard: Easily
Richard: As your friend please don't do meth

It was strange, his words was just text on a screen, but I really got the feeling that my revelation hurt him inside. I hadn't physically seen him in years, but I still cared about him. I don't completely understand why, but his words had made me promise to myself to never do meth again.

The next day I told Clark that the meth does nothing and he said "That's because I gave you a small dose. I just wanted to get you to shut up and stop asking for it."

One time he was browsing online for Nintendo Switch games he could buy and he saw Clannad. He began telling me how much he liked watching the anime adaptation and I said "Man, I heard that show is just dumb high schoolers crying about shit."

"What, like you?"