The Story of Gloria Lister.

Ok so like I was talking to my counselor at school named Nick and I remember at some point saying that I hate narcissism and how I think it’s up there with pretentiousness as the worst flaw a human being could have.

Nick disagreed and started to tell me a story about him working at a clothes store in Beverly Hills a long time ago. He told me about my to this restaurateur named Michael Romanoff who owned a now defunct restaurant which was, according to him, the place to go if you were a celebrity and also appeared in the movie A Guide for the Married Man(1967). And he pretended to be Russian royalty (He was actually from Lithuania) and told me how he met Romanoff’s wife, Gloria Lister who was a frequent customer at the clothes store.

He told me that she was a narcissist but when the Romanoff died or his business went to shit(He doesn’t remember) she eventually became poor and while she still acted the same but he could tell that she was feeling a lot of self hatred deep down.

He concluded the story by telling me that “Narcissists deserve your pity, not your scorn.” I then changed my stance after that.
Here's a picture of Michael and Gloria together.