Goodbye Mom.

On the 5th of this month mom was released from jail. There was too much people in the jail apparently so they decided to let her go. Anyways I was sick the day she was released so I didn’t go to school and I was home when she came home with grandma and grandpa who drove her home.

Everything was fine until 5 days later where mom would be sleeping in the middle of the living room floor for hours and hours without ever getting up. I thought it was kinda weird but dad was taking care of her so I thought everything was under control. I at one point found a confetti gun and shot her with it 3 times at her hair and face.

2 days later I walked to the living room and found her lying down on the floor like how she was before but something was different. Her body was giving off a gross, stinky smell and her mouth was wide open and her bottom lip looked kinda pale and her eyes were almost closed and looked like they were squinting.

In other words she was dead.

After I discovered her body I took a picture of it with my phone’s camera and went up to dad in his room and told him that mom was dead. He was mad at me initially at me but then he looked upset when he was shaking her corpse frantically hoping that she would move and then I called 9-11 and then handed the phone to dad but they weren’t really helpful and then dad got super pissed and frustrated at the operator and started wailing helplessly..

I eventually gave texts to Wendy, Annie, grandma and grandpa, and my aunt Georgia and I sent the picture of her corpse as proof. Wendy gave no response and Annie, my grandparents, Georgia, her husband, and my other aunt Clara came over to the house and I met them outside the house after the police and ambulance came because the police wanted to investigate the home without us inside.

The sky was becoming foggy as fuck and it was getting cold outside considering all of this was happening at around midnight. Annie ran over to me crying and she hugged me for comfort when I first saw her.

The cops eventually chewed us out for some questions about her and stuff like that. I revealed to the cop that she had been addicted to heroin for decades and that the cause of death was likely an overdose. It was an ironic death however, considering that when she was in jail, she wrote letters to me and in one of those letters she promised me that she would never use again. How two-faced.

Anyways I eventually cried for a little bit and then the cops allowed me to go inside the house so I could grab a jacket which I did and also brought my phone and some earphones with me and listened to the song Room of Angel from the Silent Hill 4 soundtrack while I sat down under a tree for a little while as I cried for a bit.

Later me, dad, and my relatives watched as a stretcher took mom’s body away and then we talked for a bit and then I decided to go back inside the house and go to sleep since it was now 2 in the morning.

Her funeral is gonna be on the 25th and she’s gonna get cremated.