The last day of Summer Vacation 2019.

So school starts tomorrow. It's gonna suck. I'll have to work extra harder on school work since I heard you really have to try your hardest on Junior year and stuff like that. I can't fuck anything up. I also fucking hate my classmates who I pretend to be friend with and the fact that I have to put on a mask to try to fit in. I swear I was an outsider looking from within last year. It sucked.

Funny enough though, I thought today was the first day of school and I went out of my way to get up at 6 and take a shower and put my clothes on. I then started a conversation with Annie by texting her.

Me: Annie
Me: It's my first day of school
Me: I'm Scared of getting pummeled
Annie: Why would you get beat up
Me: It's a reference to pizza day

So anyways I was ready for school but me and my dad noticed that the bus wasn't coming. I took a look at the schooln schedule for this year and it turned out school was gonna happen tomorrow. I took my clothes off and played some video games until I got really sleepy and then I felt asleep in until it was 3 PM (I fell asleep at 8 and went to bed at 11 the night before). Tomorrow's the day of reckoning. I'm not sure I'm gonna make it out alive, but I'm guess try I guess.