The Last Week of School, Part 1

Today is the first day of the last week of school this year. I was just fucking around doing nothing of significance all weekend and the final week of school felt so exciting yet so mysterious at the same time.. I didn't know what was gonna happen. I tried my best to prepare myself in my mind to whatever was about to come.

When I woke up this morning I tried going to the bathroom to take a shower like I always do and but I couldn't because my mom's friend was in the bathroom doing who knows what in there and taking like 10-20 minutes in there and when I told him to GTFO he didn't respond. When he finally came out he was fully clothed meaning he didn't take a shower or anything and basically fucked me over when I was trying to get ready.

When I got on the bus this morning no one said anything. The only things I heard people say was the bus "bodyguard"(for the lack of a better word) yelling at some disobedient kids. The bleak and depressing atmosphere on the bus was only amplified by the completely overcast sky.

Things didn't get better when I actually got to school because after we finished our some of our schoolwork we just sat around doing nothing until it was time to go to P.E (A.K.A sitting around and doing nothing for an hour outside while no actual P.E stuff happens).

During P.E I trying going up to my friend Anthony to ask him for that money he owes me but he was talking to this guy Mark and it felt like that I wasn't even there like a ghost. I tried once again and they responded but it was futile. I just spent the rest of P.E standing and sitting around feeling kinda like shit until it was time to go back to class.

When we got back to class the dreary mood persisted. I didn't even feel like reading a novel in my bookbag like a normally did so I just went to sleep on my desk. When I woke up things kinda felt better now since it was now sunny outside and so I just read some books in class until it was time to leave and when I got to the parking lot where we go onto the busses and entered the bus, I heard one of my classmates, Huey who was in the parking lot telling some person(I don't recall who it was specifically) to beat me up. He was saying "Beat up [REDACTED] for me! Hey beat up [REDACTED] for me!" even though we're cool.