The Last Week of School, Part 3

For the first time this week I actually woke up and didn't want to go back to sleep. I actually felt excited to come to school today because I was gonna see Nick, my counselor today like I do every. Unlike with everyone else at school, I actually enjoy talking to Nick. Talking with everyone else there is just unpleasant and boring.

It happened, thankfully, during an otherwise uneventful P.E. When we went to Nick's office he announced his plan to visit the recreated Berlin palace in the Humboldt Forum the day it opens. He then told me about the original palace and how it was destroyed in World War II. He showed me a documentary of the mass bombing of Berlin by the allies and the destroyed streets of Berlin. When I saw the death and destruction of those fucking krauts and gave a little chuckle silently. And at one point Nick said for some reason that I forgot said "Corpses smell disgusting by the way." and I simply replied "I'd imagine they'd smell disgusting, considering that it's from a German.".

And at one point in the documentary there was a speech delivered by a man who I think was a government official or some shit. There was a point in the speech where the man made a comment saying something among the lines of "The enemies will violate your wives if we give up or lose." or some shit and I just thought to myself, "Why the fuck would you want to rape a kraut woman? I can't imagine anything more unenjoyable than that."

After that I said that what happened during the bombing was a good thing. I said something among the lines of "The krauts are not people. They are androids who only hurt people.". But Nick said that my dislike of Germans was basically unfounded because I hate Nazis, not Germans. He pointed out that Hitler, and by extension the Nazis are not Germans and that the people of Berlin didn't like him and likewise, Hitler didn't feel at home there. I then stopped hating Germans after that. Freud is still a hack though.

He then asked me about The Brothers Karamazov, a book which I bought last week and I think he asked how far I was on it or something and I mentioned that I'm out of bookmarks and I don't like reading without them because I have the memory of a goldfish so I need to finish something else before I can get to it. After that when we were gonna leave he told me that he enjoys talking with me and that he hopes to see again in August when summer vacation ends. I told him the same right back at him.

When I got back to class I noticed that there was 3 students and a staff member from another class in the room near the closet where the snacks where. At the end of the day my teacher opens up the closet and we can get a snack from there. However students and staff and shit from other classes also come here for the purpose of buying some snacks from the closet. Recently, I've developed a love of the strawberry flavored pop tarts that are in the closet and I fuckin love them now. I noticed that the people from the other class were suspiciously close to where the small cardboard box where the strawberry pop tarts where. I felt anxious and overwrought with sorrow. I thought to myself "THOSE FUCKING FREELOADERS BETTER STAY AWAY FROM THE POP TARTS!". However this feeling of devastation was unwarranted as they were getting the cinnamon flavored pop tarts which IDGAF about and were in a box right next to the box with the strawberry ones. I then felt relieved.

When I got on the bus at the end of the day, we got to eat pizza. It was cool I guess.