Letter to Wendy.

So my aunt Helga is dead. I wasn’t told how exactly she died but dad told me it “was because she’s old”. I didn’t really know her, but I heard some bad things about her from dad and Uncle Malcolm. I heard that she only wanted to adopt Wendy because Malcolm was going to leave her so raising a child was an excuse for them to be together. Despite knowing that she was adopted for years she still calls uncle Malcolm and aunt Helga mom and dad. I’m her cousin and my parents are her aunt and uncle to her. I’m not offended by it. I get it.

Dad keeps trying to break the ice between him and Wendy and develop a bond together. She’s rotting her life away at her crappy job in Texas. Dad wants to try to free her from the life by giving her money to use to fly to California to live with family. She doesn’t seem willing and it seems hatred is a possible motive.

Dad was concerned about Wendy’s state of mind after aunt Helga died so decided to send her a box full of gifts and stuff. He asked me if I wanted to write a her letter. I decided to do so because I had nothing better to do.

I wanted to write something to you.
I heard your mom died and that you work 2 shifts at a fast food place.
That sounds awful.
I'd think you were Japanese if I didn't know any better.
You're very talented, the best fujo (Don't pretend that I didn't see you squee at that poster full of bishounen back in '17) artist that I've ever seen.
I hope things go better for you.
Life sucks.
Sincerely yours, your lame cousin.