An excursion to McDonald's.

I walked a while over the local Ralph’s not too far from where I live. I used the coinstar machine. The whole thing was a really boring process.

I walked over to the McDonald’s only a block away to get lunch. When I walked in I felt guilty for eating food so unhealthy. I have issues with self control so I ordered a full meal from there anyways. Feelings of being a fat disgusting pig faded away when I saw some of the other customers around me. I then felt a little better.

There was this aging thirty something millennial dude standing around who had pink, purple, and blue hair. He also wore a purple baseball cap. He had black and white checkered shorts. On his neck was a tattoo of Yoshi, and on his leg there was a tattoo of a cartoon punk rocker playing drums. He was having a phone call with someone wearing earbuds and had no phone in sight. I got the feeling if I started chatting with this guy, he would mention his avant-garde-crossover-thrash-metal-with-chiptune-elements band.

Sitting at a table were 3 other people. One of them was this fat old chick in a wheelchair who looked like she could die from a heart attack or diabeetus at any moment now. Next to her were these 2 old guys who looked like hobos from a third world country. One was wearing a bandanna and communicated with sign language.