And the last episode will be called SIGIL.

So today I started my attending the new school I’m going to. Me and dad drove to the school and on the curb leading to the school I saw a guy with a blue cookie monster jacket. Me and dad met the principal just outside and then me and dad sat inside for a while because the principal had to fix a printer or some shit.

My dad told me not to swear at this school or else I would get expelled but I called bullshit on that and I asked the principal when he came back if that was gonna happen. He said no and I called dad slow right in front of him just for the sake of being an asshole for the lulz.

When I entered the classroom it was first period and I’m supposed to switch classrooms in between periods but for some reason I stayed in that classroom all day except for when I went to lunch.

Anyways when I entered I encountered my old friend from Tobinworld named Alison who I confused for a man with a ponytail and a shitton of pimples when we first met. I have this frequent tendency to mistake women for men. It’s more likely to happen with fictional characters but it has happened at least twice with real life women.

Oddly enough, my teacher who was in my classroom (And is supposedly my teacher for only fifth period.) was an old man named Nick and who had a similar voice to the Nick I’d known from Tobinworld who I regret never properly saying goodbye to. In my mind all I refer to him as is “Nick 2.0” or “Nick II”. It seems that this guy I don’t even know will be the answer to solving these feelings of grief of mine. He seemed really nice just like the original Nick and made the transition from school to school a bit easier regardless if that was his intent.

Whenever I’d finish my schoolwork for that period I’d just read some books from my bookbag like I did at Tobinworld. Today I was reading Red Dragon by Thomas Harris and Glamorama by Bret Easton Ellis. The later turned out to be rather ironic as this semi-hot dude with long and curly brown hair and an expensive looking black vest (which he later said to someone else was actually only 5 dollars) went up to me and asked me what I was reading so I showed him the back cover synopsis.

It turned out that this dude was apparently a part time model and came across as a pretty shallow and materialistic person which means that he would probably fit in perfectly in the world of Glamorama. Later this pretty funny thing happened where he said “I need a boyfriend.” when he later heard that Valentine’s Day is coming up next month which caused him to lament even more.

After mentioning his desire for a boyfriend the guy next to him was like “Not it.” and then he the other guy looked at me and said “It’s all on you.” but the gay guy dismissed this by saying “He’s probably straight.” which was the funniest thing that had ever happened. And no, I did not tell him that I wasn’t straight because I’m not sure if this new school is like Tobinworld where admitting to not being straight is social suicide and like being a witch in during the Salem witch trials.

After homeroom school was over and we drove home in vans. The drive was pretty short.