A review of Nick Bate's discography.

Nickalaus Boyd Stoutzenberger, better known as Nick Bate, is an very, very, talented musician, writer, and artist. In this blog post I will be giving a review to his amazing and groundbreaking demos he recorded for his now former lover, Maddi.

The demos as a whole have a very energetic and high-speed personality to them which aren't afraid to cut to the chase and are reminiscent of classic punk acts such as Simpletones and Sloppy Seconds. This is most amplified in his song of grandiose quality, Butts, Butts, Butts. Where he simply says the word "Butts" thrice. Clearly an well conceived and executed exercise in experimental music not unlike that of accomplished and adept songstress Yoko Ono.

Another thing I shall give this demo unending praise for is the concise and dense subject matter as nearly of all the 19 songs in this demo revolve around sexuality (Or how Nick would put it, "Anally Raping Children" and "Doing it in Anna's butt") and excrement. As you can see, this is a man who doesn't like to go off topic for long and understands what the important things in life are.

If there is one thing that I do not like about this album it's that one of the songs written for the demos, Performing Anilingus on Children, was never recorded because Nick had forgotten to produce a recording of an performance of the composition and will never be able to as of now as he has received a 40 year prison sentence for molesting his stepsister Amber. Fuck Amber. If it weren't for that dumb bitch, our ears could all be subjected to the musical beauty that is Performing Anilingus on Children. Shame on you Amber. Shame on you.