Back 2 School, Part 2.

I hated Sasha and Nick II so much, it made me lose my mind on the only the second day of me at school. I had some foresight that this would happen though so I asked Clark if I could borrow some of his desoxyn. I knew one pill wouldn’t be enough to get a buzz but I took it anyways. I did it in the bathroom. For first period English class I remember that we had to answer some questions about that the Ray Bradbury short story. I wrote insults to my teacher in as response to what questions I couldn’t answer.

At one point I went to the bathroom and took a desoxyn. It did nothing.

During third period, we were some school work about geography or whatever and everything seemed ok until Sasha delivered a metric fuckton of verbal diarrhea.

This bitch actually tried to say that Japan is in Africa.

When I called her a dumbass for saying something as retarded as that, she started to go off and me and then we kept arguing. She then tried to insult my hair, which was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I then decided to use all of my strength to lift up a desk. She had an unimpressed look on her face. I then tried to throw it at her. It barely moved a few feet before slamming onto the ground without being even remotely close to hitting her.

It was frustrating just being here, so I decided to try to leave the classroom. However Nick II was walking over to me which lead to me gripping my hand into a fist and trying to get it near his face as much as I could without actually touching him. This made him back away and I made it out of the classroom. When I got out I was actually kinda happy since that is probably the first time in a long time where I’ve managed to manipulate people in a calculated way for my own gain. I felt like Kira from Death Note.

I spent the rest of school out of class reading books from my bag. One of the books I read was Trainspotting. I liked how the characters overuse the word “Cunt”. I find that very relatable. I kept reading until school was over and it was time to leave.

Earlier in the day before I started to argue with Sasha, there was this new kid who walked in. He took a seat and I made a scene trying to back away in my desk as loudly as possible and as far away as possible from this guy because I noticed he was wearing a Rick and Morty shirt.

After that, I didn’t go to school for a month. I was too scared of this potentially getting worse. Of that bitch never ceasing to terrorizing me for the rest of school. I became convinced that I needed to spend every remaining second of high school intoxicated in order to make it through.

When I finally came back, Clark gave me 2 desoxyns which did nothing when I swallowed them in the bathroom. I think I developed a tolerance for them or something. I noticed that bitch was gone. I found out that she was kicked out of school cause of how much of a bitch she was. She was constantly getting into fights with everyone else in class during the entire time I was absent from school.