Ok, so like, there’s this game. The Silver Case. I finished playing it earlier this month. It’s a 7/10. Something that I liked about it is that one of the story lines in that game resolves around this journalist named Morishima Tokio. The only gameplay is walking around and interacting with things in his small apartment in order to trigger the next cutscene. You also spend an overwhelming amount of time on the computer.

In short, this is the most accurate representation of my life in video game form.

I love spending my time online. It’s where I feel the most comfy.

But I have to return to school soon, so I’ll have less time to be online. It sucks. It sucks because everyone at the school I go to is such a fucking cunt. It’s gonna be 4 months of hell before I graduate, and that’s assuming I can even graduate this semester.

In the game, Morishima often goes onto some abstract-looking word processing program and writes down his thoughts about whatever his current situation is. I find this very relatable, even though I use LibreOffice.