Trying to figure out what my politcal ideology is.

Recently, I felt the need to ask Crow a question on Discord.

Me: BTW do I come across as a liberal
Crow: A bit but not as a leftist
Me: What do you mean?
Crow: Liberal is like Jon Stewart. Leftist is like Don Lemon
Crow: Uh you know trump derangement syndrome and letting kids give consent
Me: Lol I don't know who the fuck those guys are
Crow: You know all those wacky things leftists try to push
Me: Oh
Me: I'm confused because I like free markets
Me: But despise libetarians
Me: And I find socialism to be a bad belief system perpetated by dumb cunts
Me: So I'm confused
Me: I thought I was a leftist as I have left wing social stances except for hating Muslims
Me: And I haven't figured out my stance on guns
Me: And I think some drugs should be illegal but not others
Crow: Um yeah I'm not sure what to say except that a lot of the labels we used to use have changed a lot in meaning in the past few years
Crow: Probably what is more accurate is that were part libertarian and part conservative and so on
Me: It just feels like there's only 2 beliefs now
Me: Leftist socialists vs right wing libetarian conspiracy theorists who may or may not be Nazis
Me: I feel left out
Crow: Honestly i think that's whats killing this country
Crow: That were all being forced to fit into these two narrow camps
Crow: That all discourse and thought can only fall into these two belief systems
Crow: It benefits the politicians and corporations because then they have to pander to less groups and it's easier to get people to hate "the other team"
Me: I like corporations
Me: Not really a fan of small businesses
Crow: Why do you like corporations
Me: Because then there's less employment
Me: Big corporations give a shitton of jobs to ppl
Crow: Yeah but when they wanna save money they also fire a shitton of people
Crow: And they steal all the money so they government can bail them out
Crow: I hate corporations because people think they're these egalitarian organizations when they're just trying to get as much money and control from the public and the government
Crow: And theyll outsource their jobs to indian and china. They say they are pro LGBT and then tell the Middle East that they hate gays too
Crow: I understand corporations have to exist but people should really stop worshiping them like celebrities
Me: Well I think governments not letting corporations go super crazy is necessary sometimes
Me: Anyways I think corporations employing all those people and people on the top donating to charities is super awesome. And it makes me think that capitalism has an altruistic side which is part of why I don't like socialism
Crow: My problem with corporations is that they've become a political force of it's own
Crow: The interests and needs of the corporation are always over represented
Crow: And then there is the chance the government and the corporations collude together and work together to become some kind of super corp
Crow: I guess that's inherent to the lobby system
Crow: Or it used to be
Crow: Since now all these companies constitute a major part of out online and technological infrastructure
Crow: If someone doesn't play ball the other guys will just shut their website down until they comply
Crow: You see what I'm getting at
Crow: Publicly everyone claims to be working on their own but everyone winks at each other right afterwards
Crow: They hate mom and pop shops because they're competition
Crow: Isn't it funny that the only businesses that could stay open during the pandemic were large corporations
Crow: Okay because you think things suck you get to be a Nazi and take them away from people who do like them
Me: You should watch that South Park episode
Me: "Gnomes"
Me: It explains why small businesses are cancer
Crow: I've seen it
Crow: Im just saying that some people's dream is not be working for Walmart for the next twenty years
Crow: Some people want to work for themselves
Me: Then rise up to CEO position
Crow: Are you retarded lmao
Crow: There's only one CEO position
Me: Yeah
Me: Take it
Crow: And 3 million people to compete with
Me: You gotta be confident and play the game of life
Me: Roll the dice
Crow: You do realize this is exactly how those cyberpunk distopias start
Me: Cyberpunk only either preaches socialism or libetarianism
Crow: And don't even try to argue against it by saying that it's cool
Crow: Cyberpunk
Crow: Is about corporations
Crow: Owning everything
Crow: And everyone works for them
Crow: And they control the governmsnt
Crow: Once they're in control they can spread what ever ideology they want
Crow: You really think Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Besos are the best of humanity, you think those rich fucks have the perspective to decide what is best for the rest of us 7 billion people?
Me: I don't know about the first two but Bezos employed a gazillion so he's doing something right
Crow: Hitler employed a bunch of people too
Me: Godwin’s Law
Me: You're the last person who I expected to try to pull that
Crow: Lots of bad corporations gave people jobs lol
Crow: Just because some internet rule says you can never ever use Hitler in an argument in any context what so ever doesn't mean it's true
Me: I bet ur gonna backtrack on that statement someday
Crow: All I'm hearing is i have no counter argument
Me: I'm hearing that from you
Crow: So if evil people do things that are good like give people jobs that balances it out?
Me: Sure
Crow: Oh but if Donald trump gives everyone jobs
Crow: He's still a piece of shit according to people
Crow: So i don't see the consistency in that
Me: I don't care about Trump
Crow: Well i don't care for your lack of moral consistency
Crow: And instance on arguing your point despite it
Me: You'd have to be a really bad person to be evil in spite of giving ppl jobs
Me: Like really evil
Me: I don't Bezos has evar fucked kids
Crow: We don't know
Crow: Like the whole thing with Jeffrey Epstein
Crow: And all the rich and powerful people that knew him
Me: Are you saying that he's a pedo cuz he has money
Crow: I never would have guessed or assumed that about any of thosenpeople
Crow: No I'm saying we don't know these people
Crow: They could be saints or they could be totally depraved MFs
Me: You gotta give em the benefit of the doubt for serious shit like this
Me: Not just for when it's conveient
Crow: They day they give an average person the same benefit of the doubt they give to a massive corporation I'll listen
Me: Don't listen to #MeToo
Me: It’s cancer
Crow: This whole generation is about bitching loudly until people give you what you want to shut you up
Crow: Also nobody has thick skin anymore
Crow: That's why people love corporations because for some people they know them better than their own parents lol
Crow: I'm sure Amazon knows you better than your dad does
Crow: Probably always recommend you some cool stuff that would never cross your Dad's mind