I’ve been living with a turtle since I was like, 3. It’s my dad’s pet. I named it Rudy back then, assuming it was a dude. Dad later told me many years later that it is a chick.

Growing up, I’ve never really paid much attention to Rudy. Back when I lived in North Hollywood it was put in a aquarium outside. I would almost never interact with it. After my family moved to a different neighborhood Rudy was given a tiny plastic box with water inside that would act as a tank to live in. I sleep in the same room as the tank.

Back when I lived in North Hollywood Rudy would never even cross my mind. Rudy now crawls around all over the house. One time, I was jerking off on me and my dad’s bed with the door closed like I usually do. Then Rudy barged in. It felt embarassing.

I don’t like animals. I would never want to own a pet myself. Animals are boring as shit because you can’t talk with them. My mind tends to mentally block out everything I can’t have a conversation with as an unnotable background detail not even worth describing.

The only exception to this is retards. They always manage to get my attention with their hideous faces and the indecipherable noises that come out of their mouths. I wanna curbstomp them like in the movie American History X. I wonder if their splattered heads would look any different from anyone else’s on the pavement and street. Whenever I talk to someone I like, I wanna like, talk about like, metaphysics and stuff with them. I've been reading Subahibi and that has like, got me thinking about the sky and stuff. I can't talk about that kinda thing with retards and animals.