That time I was sick.

I wake up. I hear my charging phone from the living room. When I walk over to it I see the time. It’s 12 PM which means online classes are definitely over. I see a text message from Clark telling me that’s he’s coming over to hang out. I feel the need to freshen up for him so I go up over to the bathroom and splash water to get the rheum out of my eyes. I grab a toothbrush and some toothpaste.

When I was brushing I accidentally ate some of the toothpaste. My stomach was starting to hurt badly. When he came he told me couldn’t stay for long because the homeless shelter he lives in wants to come home at a certain time and blah blah blah. The stomach pain was gradually beginning to feel worse.

When Clark left my body temperature was starting to rise and my head was beginning to throb. I felt something in my throat. I walked into the hallway and vomited. I then got out my phone and took a picture of the vomit which I posted on Instagram. I tried to clean some of the vomit but I did a lazy job and gave up before I was done. I then decided to text Annie, who I hadn't talked to in a while, and tell her about what happened. Our conversation was friendly and she wished for me to get better. I then texted Clark who advised that I smoke some weed and try to get to sleep.

Before going to sleep, I continuously vomited twice into the toilet. I then took some deep breaths and vomited again another 2 times. I only ate a banana that day. I then decided to not eat at all because I figured that would make me vomit again. I uncharacteristically began to look on the bright side and figured I might lose some pounds from this.

When I woke up dad had come home from work and I told him about what was going on. He decided to get me some medication from the kitchen shelves. I gulped down that stuff faster than I had expected. I just spent the rest of my night on my phone, feeling unable to get up. I then asked dad if he could put my phone into the living room to charge when the battery was going to die. He obliged.

In bed, I tried my best to get to sleep, but I couldn’t. My body was in pain I cannot describe. Closing my eyes felt so pointless. Time felt like it was going nowhere fast. This was not the first sleepless night I’ve been through, but I sure haven't been through one like this before. There was times where I would find myself unsure if I fell asleep for a little while, or if I really just spaced out for a long time. But eventually, after what felt like 10 hours, it was finally daytime.

I was cured the day after this sunrise.