The Shot.

It was November, and I had yet to go any concerts like how I resolved at the end of last year. I was disappointed.

I then happened upon an ad for an Aquabats and Skatalites concert in Anaheim. It would take at least an hour or two to drive over there, but it wasn’t that far. I asked my dad if he could buy tickets since I’m still in high school despite being legally old enough to be in porn. He was not against the idea although he said I needed to show him the webpage so he could find out more information. When I did, he got upset about the concert requiring attendees needing to be vaccinated for over a week or something, I dunno I wasn’t really paying attention.

On the 22th of that same month, I was walking home from a walk I was doing to get some exercise. It was almost 6 PM. I then received a phone call from my dad stating that he was gonna pick me and take me to a Walgreens near home so I could finally get a COVID shot. I told him that I was nearby the Walgreens to begin with by the time he was calling me so I told him to just drive over there. When I hung up, I walked over to the Walgreens parking lot and stood nearby until I saw dad drive by and when he parked and exited the car we both walked inside.

We walked over to this super tiny “clinic” far off on the other side of the building. Dad walked over to the receptionist or whatever and I resigned myself to taking a seat, not really paying attention to anything. Dad then was signing questions about my medical history on a clipboard. I spent my time concentrating on a Youtube video on my phone about the bot crisis in Team Fortress 2 and what you can do about it when dad told me to sign my name on the clipboard. After that I was told I had to sit in a corner of the room while the doctor would come in and give me the shot. When I sat on the chair I thought of myself like a pregnant 16 year old girl at a clinic to get an abortion and that dad was the caring mom who’s clearly a little emotional about it, but tries to put on an assertively supportive front.

The actual shot was pretty uneventful, aside from the fact that, because I know or know of a lot of troubled individuals, I incorrectly assumed that the needle gonna be injected in my veins. Inside my wrist. I kept hearing that getting vaccinated hurts, but I didn’t feel anything.

After getting injected, I was told to stay in the clinic by the doctor for up to 15 minutes to see if there any immediate negative side effects. Me and dad spent that time sitting in two of the pharmacy chairs in front a row of medications for sale. Dad wouldn’t stop talking about how afraid he is of getting diabetes and how he wants to look up more information about medication for diabetes online. I found this uninteresting and just focused on watching Youtube videos with my earphones on, the usual whenever I go outside.

Later I made an Instagram story mocking people who feel pain from COVID shots. A day later my arm started to hurt really badly for hours.