The Things that Happen at the School I Attend.

My school’s shutting down. It’s gonna happen on December 20th. Tobinworld is shutting down because the budget is at all time low and can’t sustain itself any longer. It’s just gonna be replaced by apartments or a homeless shelter or whatever after it shuts down.

At this point Ms. H just stopped caring and we haven’t been doing any schoolwork since. In fact, the only schoolwork I do is when it’s like 10AM and all of the juniors have to go another classroom (You stay in one classroom at this school) to go to some Spanish class taught by some Spaniard. Talk about overqualified.

So anyways school just seems like one big boring party now. Everyone just uses their phones and plays video games on the classroom TV.

Mark and Anthony also just decided to jump ship and have been skipping school all this time. So I’m stuck with people like Simon who randomly just says “Fuck you [REDACTED]!” and there’s also that one time where he got super hyperactive and I swear he was dancing and at one point got on top of a desk while Ms. H tried yelling at him to stop to no avail.

Each day at school feels like it lasts forever. It all just feels kinda pointless and I, at times, consider just skipping school but then I realize I can’t because then my grades will drop.

My only bastions of hope are my classmate Eduardo who, despite having the voice of Garfield, is still kinda fun to hang out with and Nick, my counselor who offers some great nuggets of wisdom and hope. He also plays chess with me in order to analyze my behaviors and mood. No seriously.

So anyways, I have 4 more days of this shit then I’m done. It’s probably gonna feel even longer. I’m probably gonna feel a deep coldness in my heart by the end of it.