What I've been up to.

I turned 17 last month and got a Switch and the 5th addition of the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). I’m trying to expand my game library but dad will only allow me to spend 100$ a month with my debit card. Man Nintendo games are expensive. My birthday party at my grandparents house and I had a nice chocolate cake. Chocolate cake is good with milk.

Remember Vlad? That one guy in his underwear who my mom got arrested with? He’s been out of jail and he keeps coming by to our house for a place to crash, usually with his girlfriend named Chelsea (Which is not her real name BTW) who’s apparently this aspiring actress turned junkie who my dad apparently found a picture that showed her in front of those backdrop walls used in celebrity interviews which had the Amazon prime logo on it that is, if I’m remembering correctly. She lives in a car with Vlad now and me and dad almost got in trouble because our neighbors in the apartment complex complained when “Chelsea” and Vlad were smoking speed in our garage.

I’ve also been making this epic visual novel called “Test Game”. I published a demo for it but I have no idea when I’m gonna finish. I’m like, almost done with 1 out of the 4 routes. The game is about the player’s journey to go buy a lamp at a mall. It’s gonna be great.