Washington, Part 4

Nothing really happened the next day. I played Smash Bros. Ultimate on my Switch and Malcolm was complaining about not having cable even though he payed the bill or something. Some guy came over and fixed it and Goodfellas was playing on TV. The parts I remembered was when that chick puts the guy at gunpoint but then puts the gun down and then the guy grabs the gun and gets her on the floor and yells at her. That bit was funny. I also like the scene where the scene’s narrator mentions that the dead guy can’t have his face shown at his funeral because he was shot in the head. If I’d ever killed anyone I’d go for the face just as a wacky reference to this movie.

Eventually it was like 6 PM and me dad got in the car and drove off into the freeway which was beginning to become pitch black as how it normally is apparently. I kept playing “Paralyzer” by Finger Eleven over and over again for a period of time and eventually me and dad saw lights in the distance, indicating that we were in California again. This made me sort of happy.