A review of 'MOON'.

Chronic insomnia is a psychiatric condition that is known to affect 10-30% of the population at any given time. It is a very serious illness, and it's associated with a very high mortality rate, mostly due to traffic collisions. I would like to dedicate my time today to helping people with this condition by proposing a specific activity to frequently incorporate to their daily routines since lifestyle changes are known to play a role in the treatment of insomnia.

I think this treatment will do wonders for the mental health of the people suffering from this condition. Hope it works!

moon is a 1997 adventure role-playing game by Love-de-lic and published by ASCII. The game is basically your typical isekai story before that shit became a cliché. Some fuckin’ kid or whatever gets sucked into some RPG. But this game, as it turns out, is actually an “Anti-RPG”!