My abortion jar collection!


Not everything I write gets published on this site. Sometimes I decide something isn't worth having so I get it pumped and sucked out of me with a vaccum and I try to forget all about it all together..

But I decided to publish these mistakes here on this page so they don't become lost media in case anything happens to these since I store them on my computer. Though, I'm gonna warn you right away that these are unfinished and shitty. So without further ado:

A review of 'MOON'.(Posted on 3/25/2021) Has no bearing on my life whatsoever. Also I actually like the game now.

Hanging Out with Dead Rockstars: The Prologue.(Posted on 1/19/2021) Prologue I removed due to it being less relevant than I thought it was gonna be.

Some movie that doesn't exist.(Posted on 4/2/2020) This was scrapped due to me not to properly structure this chapter.

The Forbidden Story.(Posted on 2/29/2020) It was honestly to painful for me to recall so I stopped writing this chapter.

Fear and Loathing in Tobinworld.(Posted on 2/29/2020) Never actually started. It presumably would have been similiar to The Last Week of School parts 1-5.

Halloween, 2019.(Posted on 12/11/2020) A Halloween themed chapter meant for episode 1. Felt pointless and boring to write.

Halloween, 2020.(Posted on 12/11/2020) Another Halloween chapter, this time for episode 2. Could not properly structure my feelings on the subject matter.

Fuck psychochondria (and the people who have it).(Posted on 2/29/2020) Too similiar to my rant on armchair diagnosis.