The Forbidden Story.

I really don’t want to tell this story but it’s important so I must.

During lunchtime at school last Friday a teacher was holding a donut box while standing near a door and she told us to wait in line so we could get one. When it was my turn she warned me that if I touched a donut, it’s mine. I tried my best not to touch some shit I didn’t want but I did and so the teacher me told me to leave such I “chose” my donut and then I grabbed and squeezed it hard and then threw it to the ground in rage and scream “FUCK YOU!” at the teacher and slammed door at her and she screamed. Just remembering that scream scares me..

After I slammed the door I tried walking elsewhere and sat on a bench somewhere but then this classmate of mine started chewing at me for what I did. I already hated this guy so I just snapped at him and he ended up fighting each other. It didn’t matter that the guy I fought happened to be fairly well liked, my reputation and social life was already over the moment I attacked the teacher who also happened to be well liked. I had nothing to lose.

The fight was stopped by some teachers who restrained the both of us. The guy who grabbed me got a punch in the nose for that. He didn’t do anything about it though. I walked away again and tried sit on a bench somewhere .